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Welcome to Boys in Dresses

a biographical comic about trans issues and college.

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The japanese just (pretends to say) "I don't speak Japanese" in Japanese characters, and then a Japanese apology.  Because I don't. Sensei would never say that. Or allow someone to wear a hat in class.
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Feb 02 2009


Check tuesday (tomorrow) for a sketch. Or, if you're checking Thursday when the comic's supposed to update- there's a Sketch that you've missed.

Feb 02 2009

Comp drawn comics

You mgiht've noticed that the last comic was drawn on a computer, rather than by hand. The reason for this is I'm in Britain for a month and don't have access to a scanner, so the next few (2-4) comics will be drawn on the computer. Hopefully this won't be a problem.

Dec 25 2008

Holiday Comics

Before anyone thinks I was taking a Christmas break- I did update the comic this week, just yesterday. Since I can't get a "previous" button to work on this, check it out here if you don't feel like muddling through the links to get to it.

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